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Salvador De La Cruz Jimenez came to the United States for the first time in 1976 from Jalisco Mexico and has been involved in vineyard management since the moment he arrived in Sonoma.


Mr. De La Cruz Jimenez has worked at renowned vineyards such as Haywood vineyards, Walsh Vineyard Management, Weiler Twins Vineyards and now at Ludor wines. With over 40 years of vineyard management experience Mr. De La Cruz Jimenez does everything from the ground up and loves being outdoors in the vineyard with his dog Yuma. With Mr. De La Cruz Jimenez now at Ludor Wines he can see how his world class grape growing can turn into small lots of world class wines.



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Salvador De La Cruz's career in the wine industry started at the ripe young age of nine when he became a vineyard worker under the wing of his father Salvador De La Cruz Jimenez.  As a child Salvador was curious how the grapes hanging on a vine would eventually become wine in a bottle. To learn more about this process at the age of 20 Salvador decided to discontinue working with his father and take the next step in his career by working in a cellar.  This is when he began to learn all the tangible, hands on functions of winemaking. Salvador also worked as a Hospitality and Sales Associate to become well rounded and versed in all aspects of a winery,


To continue his education in winemaking Salvador enrolled at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) where he obtained a degree in Enology and Viticulture and became the first generation of his family to attend college, an accomplishment that brought pride to his family. After graduating from Cal Poly Salvador De La Cruz has worked in renowned wineries in Sonoma, Napa, New Zealand and Australia. His education and industry experiences are only the beginning of a life-long dream to someday become a winemaker for his own wine label and now you can taste that dream with Ludor wines.




Yuma is a 5 year old German Shepard that is full of energy and loves to play.  His favorite things to do are chase down ducks, turkeys and deer, swim the vineyard ponds,  and drag around the biggest stick he can possibly find.

Without Yuma our vineyard just wouldn't be the same.  His duties are chasing down unwanted animals and birds, fetching things in the vineyard pond, keeping Salvador Sr safe in the vineyard... but most importantly, posing for pictures with his fans since he's our company mascot!

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